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Denizens of the Interwebz! (Or at least those of you who found your way to this post.) Question-Mark-NaughtHave you ever wanted to ask an audiobook narrator a question? Have you ever wanted to ask an audiobook reviewer a question? Now is your chance. Friday, June 28th is my day to host the fabulous Going Public… in Shorts! project. I’ll be highlighting the entry by Xe Sands, the project’s mastermind, but before you listen to her recording of “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, you can listen to us as we sit down to chat about anything and everything, starting with a knock-down drag-out… er, recorded conversation… about reviewing and being reviewed.

If you’d like to throw a question or topic into the mix, send it our way by 1:00 pm Pacific time (GMT -7) on Wednesday, June 26th.  Post it in the comments below, e-mail it to me at, DM me on Twitter (@Oddiophile) or somehow make your curiosity known. We’ll pick from your responses and fire-up a conversation about those topics. If we select your question/topic to chat about, you’ll be eligible to win either a copy (digital download) of the Going Public…in Shorts! compilation or be gifted an audiobook of your choice (region restrictions may apply). We’ll draw one random winner on 6/28/13.

“Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the…” audiobook questions!