Going Public…in Shorts – with Guest Xe Sands

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As part of the June is Audiobook Month (JIAM) celebration this year, not only am I hosting today’s Going Public… in Shorts! blog hop, I also had a chance to sit down for a recorded (virtual) chat with narrator Xe Sands to talk about reviewing, being reviewed,  and a bunch of other stuff including questions sent our way by you. First, a bit about the terrific Going Public… in Shorts! project:


June is Audiobook month (JIAM 2013). The audiobook community is giving back by teaming with the Going Public Project and offering a serialized audio story collection. All proceeds will go to Reach Out and Read, a literacy advocacy organization. Throughout June, one to two stories will be released each day on the Going Public blog and on author/book blogs. The story will be free (online only – no downloads) for one week. In collaboration with Blackstone Audio, all the stories will be available for download via Downpour. The full compilation will be ready June 30th. The full schedule of the story release dates and narrators can be found at Going Public.


Are you ready for 59 (!) minutes of narrator/reviewer chat? We’re talking about narrators approaching reviewers about constructive criticism, how an author/narrator/small publisher can get their audiobooks into the hands (ears) of reviewers, how narrators handle singing in an audiobook (and what is with music in audiobooks?!), who is responsible for editing and error checking and why the producer or director isn’t mentioned in reviews, thoughts on switching narrators mid-series and a whole lot more. For your convenience, comment flags are placed at each question or topic change. You can also access this chat directly on SoundCloud.



Congratulations to question contributor Mitzi, who won her choice of a gift of any Audible.com audiobook or a downloadable copy of the Going Public… in Shorts! compilation. E-mail me at oddiophile@theoddiophile.com or I’ll be in touch.


Now it’s time for Xe Sands’ reading of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” and the bonus author commentary “Why I Wrote The Yellow Wallpaper.” The audio will be freely available online for a week but please consider supporting Reach Out and Read by purchasing a downloadable copy from Downpour.com or you can buy the complete Going Public…in Shorts! compilation.



Xe Sands

Xe Sands is a multiple AudioFile Earphones Award winner known for her authentic characterizations and intimate delivery. She has more than a decade of experience bringing stories to life through narration, performance, and visual art, including recordings of Magnificence by Lydia Millet, The Art Forger, by B.A. Shapiro, and Is This Tomorrow, by Caroline Leavitt. Sands has also been recognized for her engaging romance narrations, and was named Most Impressive Narrator Discovery for titles such as Catch of the Day, by Kristan Higgins, and On Thin Ice, by Anne Stuart.


Don’t forget, it’s a blog hop!

There’s a bonus Going Public… in Shorts entry today with Kyle Munley at Emily’s Reading Room

Yesterday, Amy Rubinate was at Miss Susie’s Reading & Observations and tomorrow, John McLain will be at Narrator Reviews


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  1. Kelli you and Xe have done the listening community a service with this conversation, I loved it! The variety of questions and their sources made for a wide range of topics. There’s something for everyone – narrators – reviewers – bloggers – authors – and the always curious audiobook listeners.

    • Thank you, Brenda. I was really happy with the variety of questions people asked and was glad Xe was willing to share her experience. I had a lot of fun with the conversation… and I also never want to hear my own voice coming through my speakers again. ;-)

    • I second all Kelli said, except the part about never wanting to hear her voice again :) MY voice, however, could use a rest. Seriously – do any of us actually enjoy the sound of our own voice? I’m thinking not…

      But thank you, Brenda! And thanks for hanging in there for the whole chat :)

  2. I can’t wait until my kids are in bed tonight so I can listen to the entire thing. I’ll be back to leave comments then. I’m excited!

    • Although I actually do know why you’re waiting for your kids’ bedtime, I admit that my first thought was . o O(Hey, it’s not that kind of chat!) I hope you enjoy it, Jennifer.

    • Oh I think you’ll definitely get a kick out of it – especially the last quarter or so :)

  3. Kelli,
    Susan and I enjoyed your interview/conversation/Q&A with Xe. It was informative and fun. We thank you both for the positive comments about Audiobookjukebox,com. We are still laughing about Xe’s “two words” which no doubt she will hear quite often if she ventures into the Audiobook Crowd, now that the cat is out of the bag. Finally, Kelli, you have a nice voice, even if you aren’t used to listening to it in playback mode. Thanks for the chat!

    • Aww, thank you, Jeff. More importantly, thank you and Susan for being such a great resource over there at audiobookjukebox.com for bloggers, listeners, narrators, authors, and publishers. I love being able to suggest the Solid Gold Reviewer program to someone when they have a book for review that won’t quite fit into my listening queue.

    • It was our pleasure to be able to point folks toward your excellent site, Jeff! And yes, I think I might as well prepare for the inevitable onslaught of “moist” and “suckle” comments, LOL!

  4. What an absolutely wonderful chat ladies!
    Thank you for exploring such exciting and varied topics with us. I too
    can talk (and listen) about audiobooks endlessly, so this was a real pleasure.


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