Audiobook Week – Day 5

Oh Audiobook Week, have you really come to an end? I’ve had a great time checking out the terrific blogs that participated in the fun this week and a big thanks go out to Jen @ for hosting this event.

The final topic for the week is:

Listen Up!
Where do you learn about great audiobook titles? Find reviews? Buy your audiobooks? Share your secrets with the rest of us!

Being something of an audiobook ho’, a better question for me might be where don’t I get my audiobook suggestions? Anywhere books are being talked about I’m bound to pick up a recommendation. Even if the talk is about traditional hard copy books, I’ll always check and see if there is an audio version and hop on over to Audiobook Jukebox to look for an audio-specific review; I am eminently suggestible when it comes to audiobooks.


Exhibit A: Twitter

My current iPod listen was selected after this tweet went drifting by on my screen:


Kathe, you had me at “wonderful mess of a deep protagonist”


Exhibit B: Any of the blogs linked on the right of this page plus a whole bunch more.

My current “at work” listen was selected after reading The Guilded Earlobe’s interview with narrator Khristine Hvam yesterday.


Exhibit C: Goodreads

Goodreads is my go-to for one-stop-shopping general reviews.  I am most often found hanging out in the Romance Audiobooks group.

Exhibit D:

Although I do download audiobooks from my library, they don’t have a very large selection so Audible is where I buy most of my listens. I scan the New Releases on a daily basis to see if anything catches my eye.

(If I ever learn to write concise reviews that fit within Audible’s character limitations I’ll post them there too!)


How about you? Are you as suggestible as I am or do you do intensive research into your next listen? Who/where is your go-to for reviews or recommendations?



  1. I definitely frequently check out existing audio editions of books that are suggested. I wish Audible would post things earlier than release date, so I could easily check for upcoming books.

    • That’s my one dissatisfaction with Audible: their “coming soon” section has 10 entries at most that cover at least 2 months ahead. I’d love to be able to plan better what I’m going to get in e-book and what as audio.

  2. I check out the Audie Awards pretty often. If something was a finalist or a winner in a category I listen to, that sways me towards listening vs. regular reading. Got behind keeping track of the Armchair Audies this year, but will be checking those judges’ opinions as well.

    • I completely forgot about that! The Armchair Audies was such a good idea. I followed the reviews of several bloggers who participated and it gave me a much better understanding of what books were in those categories I don’t usually listen to and whether I should step outside my comfort zone and try one.

  3. Twitter is a big one for me. As my reading of blogs goes down I really rely on the buzz to keep me in the loop of new titles. Only problem with that is seems the same titles are being discussed by folks on twitter without word of everything going on.

    Apparently I need to check out Gilded Earlobe! Several mentions so far.

  4. I love and twitter, too, but definitely need to check out The Guilded Earlobe – thanks!

    • I highly recommend his reviews. He reads a lot of Spec-Fic and Post Apocalyptic or Zombie but he doesn’t hesitate to step outside those genres/categories and he’s very amusing as well.

  5. Great resources!

  6. Although your suggestions are all great, I have to comment that I love your use of screen shots in your blog! And the shadowing behind all the artwork. So pretty!

  7. Sometrimes I wish audible would make their site more user friendly. Their “Coming Soon” section is pitiful, and their review section is clunky, hard to use, and annoying. I stopped posting my reviews to audible a while ago because of it.

    I like tat they have a new program where you can follow a reviewer you like, i just wish they set up something where people could link social media sites to their audible, so if someone whose reviews you like has a blog or is active on twitter, you could find out (if they want people to know.)

    Thanks for the mention today. Love this post a lot. I totally need to be more active on Goodreads, although it may limit my time tweeting about zombies if I do.

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I loved your post on reviewing Audios so much that I highlighted it in this morning’s Sunday Salon. Happy weekend.


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